august, 2017

MSG's - Drummond

Offroad Adventure

Drummond Island

august 26, 2017

BWJOC Annual

Club Picnic

Ft Gratiot County Park

bwjoc gives back

Our next event

Join us for our Annual "Go Topless Day" event for a afternoon of family fun. Scavenger Hunts, prizes and lunch - An International Event followed with lunch at the Lynwood Bar.

It's a great chance to find out what is going on this summer and meet some Jeep enthusiasts. The food is great and the company is second to none!! Don't forget to bring a calendar to right down dates of up coming events and the 5yr Anniversary Sunrise \ Sunset trip along the top of the UP.

upcoming events

Blue Water Jeep Owners Club in Port Huron

JULY 26 - 30, 2017

5yr Anniversary Trip

Upper Peninsula, MI

may 20, 2017

10th Annual GTD

"Go Topless Day"

St. Clair County

MAY 6, 2017

16th Annual

Blessing of the Jeeps

Mesick, MI

it all started with one member

On his way to work one morning in the Fall, Jim R. was listening to the radio and heard a DJ talk about how he was not only broadcasting from but living on top of the Birchwood Mall. He was raising money to support the stop of Child Abuse. With only 48 hours left ......

bwjoc jeep life

Visit this page learn how several strangers came together to become the Blue Water Jeep Owners Club. Read the stories about living the jeep life in Port Huron, Life long friends have been made, Jeeps have been built and people in the community have been helped, because of the little group experiencing what we like to call the Blue Water Jeep Owners Club jeep life. Learn more about our amazing journey here.

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June 23, 2017

Cruise Night - Meet at Mattress King

Fort Gratiot, MI

APRIL 29, 2017

GLFWDA Quarterly Meeting - 12:00pm 

Dorsey House

Clyde., MI